Cooking Practicum

This cooking practical provides students with high-level skills to help meet nutritional guidelines in their daily nutrition supply and that of others.

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Course objectives
  • Relate choices of food, method of cooking and processes to medical conditions
  • Illustrate the ability to give alternatives in diet planning with respect to clinical manifestations
  • Illustrate the ability to plan dietary interventions for specific conditions
  • Understand the role of appropriate consistency and choice of food in the management of diseases
  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare suitable meals to suit individual health needs

Curriculum for this course
8 Lessons 01:01:39 Hours
Chapter One: Preparation of Fortified Soups
5 Lessons 00:37:12 Hours
  • Preparation of Fortified Green Soup 00:12:49
  • Preparation of Fortified Light Soup 00:08:37
  • Preparation of Fortified Chicken Soup 00:03:53
  • Preparation of Fortified Palmnut Soup 00:07:02
  • Preparation of Fortified Groundnut Soup 00:04:51
  • Preparation of Bread and Butter Pudding 00:09:14
  • Preparation of Fresh Egg Custard 00:05:03
  • Preparation of Weanimix 00:10:10
  • None
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Over the last few years, with concerns over obesity, rising cases of diabetes mellitus and malnutrition, the quest for specialized diet, sources of food and how to provide individualized dietary requirements have been challenging. cooking is one of the oldest arts, and is the ultimate way to give joy to all. Prepared meals are practices that has been kept up since the beginning of civilization. Cooking practicals provide individuals with high level skills to help meet nutritional guidelines in their daily nutrient supply. it allows individuals make healthier food choices and that of others. The  focus of this course is to not only acquire skills to meet the diverse dietary needs of individuals, but also gain the ability to estimate quantities of food items, type of food, alternate methods of cooking as well as varied processes needed to meet these demands. this course will eventually help students gain skills in cooking and encourage them develop their individual skills in cooking and be well equipped for life in the field of nutritionist and dietitians.

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